Raw Cold Pressed Juice

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Drink..Enjoy..Feel Good

Sustainable & Eco Friendly

We use and re-use glass bottles, cool bags and icepacks. 

We give our pulp and rind to a local pig farm so that's its put to good use and not wasted - they love it! (the pigs that is!)

No waste, No Plastic, No cardboard. Good for the environment and good for you.

No Treatments or additives

We do not pasteurise or HPP our juices. Shop bought juices will have been treated to extend their shelf life BUT this greatly diminishes the nutritional value. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away which means we provide our customers with the very highest quality fresh raw cold pressed juice.

The Rolls Royce of Juicers

We have invested in the Bio Mk 7 cold pressed juicer. This machine does an amazing job of extracting the raw goodness from the fresh produce to make incredible silky smooth high quality juice.

Plant based Nourishment

Fuel your body and mind with 100% natural fresh vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, anti-oxidants and enzymes.

Woke up to fresh raw cold pressed juices on my doorstep from Lindfield company - Juice Up. Love the glass bottles, eco approach and great service. The juices are outstanding, well balanced and super tasty;)

Chris E-T, Lindfield

These Juices are amazing! Not only are they healthy and nutritious but taste fantastic!

Julie M, Cuckfield

You were right - I feel great. Had a bout of food poisoning a couple of weeks ago and felt like my system needed a clean and reboot. These 3 days have done just that. I haven’t had any adverse side effects and way more energy than I thought. So a huge big thank you and I will certainly be back to do this again.

Theresa G, Cuckfield