Welcome to Juice Up!

Our Mission

We are a Lindfield based raw cold pressed juice company and we're on a mission to fuel our customers with highly nutritious and super tasty fresh juices.

What we do

Like a milk man.....but Juice....Juice man!

We use fresh fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and root stalk to create tasty raw cold pressed juices which we deliver to residents, companies and schools. This is an exclusive service for Lindfield and surrounding areas - please see the delivery page. 

We are an eco friendly and sustainable company using glass bottles, cooler bags and ice packs which we collect and reuse. 

We even re use bottle labels!

Our pulp is put to really good use - we give it to a pig farm in Ardingly! The pigs love it!

About Juicing

Around 95% of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, anti-oxidants and enzymes needed by our bodies are contained within the raw juices of fruits and vegetables.  Consuming these vitamins and minerals in juice form means they are absorbed by the body more quickly and fully than any other method. 

About Us

Hi I'm Jon Ollerenshaw and launched Juice Up in July 2020.

My first fresh raw juice was at a sun drenched fun filled Glastonbury festival. It was the morning after a crazy night and the first thing I had upon waking was a fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice and Wow! that drink was incredible! cleared my head and gave me a real zingy wake up boost - I was hooked!

My wife and children are vegetarians so fresh vegetables and fruit are a huge part of our diet. 

We are very aware of the importance and effects of great nutrition. 

My main passion is cycling and over the years I've become increasingly aware how a good, healthy and varied diet improves physical and mental health.  One of my absolute favourite juices is the beetroot based "Boost". Did you know the 2012 GB Olympic team used beetroot juice to enhance performance! it contains nitrates which raises nitric oxide levels in your body. It also contains potassium, a mineral and electrolyte that helps nerves and muscles function properly. Ginger gives this juice a super little kick!