Cleanse Packages


What's it all about and why do a Juice Cleanse?

  • Our cleanses are designed to replace solid foods with Juice to nourish your body with nothing but 100% natural fresh raw nutrients.
  • A cleanse gives your digestive system a break and is an incredibly effective way to boost and replenish your body.
  • Gives you a break from preparing food, cooking, cleaning etc – just enjoy delicious nutritious juices – that’s it!
  • Around 95% of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, anti-oxidants and enzymes needed by our bodies are contained within the raw juices of fruits and vegetables.  Consuming these vitamins and minerals in juice form means they are absorbed by the body more quickly and fully than any other method.
  • Our juices are simply delicious and make consuming a wider range of vegetables and fruit incredibly easy.
  • Dairy free, Vegan friendly, Gluten free
  • You can integrate into your diet and enjoy a cleanse as part of a healthy lifestyle. You can enjoy a juice cleanse once a month or season or year, whatever suits you.

Why Juice Up?

  • We use 100% raw fresh natural ingredients.
  • Our cleanse has been carefully developed with a local qualified nutritionist, Alyson Gills.
  • We Cold press our juices and do not pasteurise to maximise the level of vitamins and nutrients retained.
  • We use the Rolls Royce of juicers - the UK made Bio Mk 7 to produce the highest quality juice.
  • Eco friendly service using glass bottles which we collect and reuse.
  • You will receive 7 x 250ml Juices, 1 x 60ml Ginger shot, 12g Almonds, 30 g Chia seeds & 8g Pumpkin seeds per day.

When do I drink my juices?

There’s no hard and fast rule – excuse the pun - but we recommend you enjoy your juices by spacing throughout the day as follows;

Around 8.00am – Shine – you can add Chia seeds around 20mins before consuming to create a chia pudding. You may prefer to, and can eat Chia seeds raw.

10.00am – Glow

12.00pm – 2 x Lift

14.00pm – Boost

15.30pm – Ginger Bomb

17.30pm – 2 x Clarity

You can consume your pumpkin seeds and almonds as and when you wish.

Remember to consume plenty of water and you can enjoy herbal teas throughout the day.

Before, during and after your cleanse?

  • It’s all about transition - we recommend that you cut down on processed foods, caffeine and alcohol a few days before you start your cleanse and drink lots of water – this will make your cleanse more enjoyable and effective.
  • Make sure you also drink plenty of water during your cleanse and enjoy herbal teas. You can add Cornish or Himalayan rock salt to your water for extra minerals.
  • After your cleanse give yourself a BIG UP! Kudos to you! You should be feeling great! afterwards eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and keep up your water intake – Don’t open up your Deliveroo app straight away!

Side effects

  • Different people react in different ways. Some will experience excess energy whilst others may feel light headed/dizzy or tired.
  • These effects should be temporary but if they persist, consult your GP.