Delivery & FAQ

What are my delivery options?

We offer a weekly subscription and one off deliveries. You can amend, pause or cancel subscriptions whenever you want. Whatever suits you!

We deliver fresh raw cold pressed juices in glass bottles to your doorstep in a cool bag with an ice pack and message to confirm delivery. 

We collect bottles, bag and ice pack 7 days later from your doorstep from 6pm.

Order by midday Sunday - delivery after 6pm on Monday.

Delivery Areas

RH16 - Min Order £16.00, delivery charge £2.50. 

RH12, RH13  Min Order £45.00, delivery charge £6.00. 

RH10, RH11, RH18, RH19 - Min Order £28.00, delivery charge £4.50. 

Ardingly, Horsted Keynes, Danehill, Balcombe & Handcross  Min Order £22.50,  delivery charge £4.50.

Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, Ditchling, Burgess Hill, Wivelsfield, Scaynes Hill - Min Order £22.50, delivery charge £4.50. 

Chailey & Newick - Min Order £28.00. Delivery charge £4.50. 

Lewes (BN7) Min Order £45.00. Delivery charge £6.00.

Uckfield - Min Order £45.00. Delivery charge £6.00. 

Collection - No matter where you live you can collect from Haywards Heath - Please contact us before placing an order - Min order of £28.

Please rinse glass bottles and leave bottles, bag & ice pack outside by 6pm the following Monday.

Why Drink Raw Juice?

  • Around 95% of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, anti-oxidants and enzymes needed by our bodies are contained within the raw juices of fruits and vegetables.  Consuming these vitamins and minerals in juice form means they are absorbed by the body more quickly and fully than any other method.
  • Consuming 5 portions of fruit and veg every day is not always easy. Our juices make consuming a wide range of vegetables and fruit incredibly easy.
  • Juicing gives your digestive system a chance to have a break, and focus on itself for once.
  • Our juices are made from fresh raw produce the day before they are delivered to your doorstep.

What Does Cold-Pressed Mean?

Cold Pressing keeps everything cool to help retain vitamins, minerals and enzymes. 

How do we make your juices?

We use fresh fruit and veg, which is graded, washed and prepared. 

Individual ingredients are weighed for each small batch of juice, fed into the Bio Mk 7 commercial cold press juicer which uses a hydraulic press to squeeze out the raw juice.

The juice is immediately bottled and stored in a refrigerator.

We use the Rolls Royce of juicers, the UK made Bio Mark 7 Commercial Cold Press Juicer. This industrial hydraulic juicer uses 3000 psi to squeeze the juice out of the fruit and vegetables. This machine does an amazing job of extracting the raw fresh goodness from the fresh ingredients and makes incredibly smooth, high quality juice.

Depending where you live we deliver that same day after 6pm or the following morning before 8am . We pop your bottles into a cool bag with an ice pack and deliver to your doorstep.

What does unpasteurized mean? 

Pasteurization is a process whereby something destined for human consumption (like juice, for example) is heated to around 75-85 degrees Celsius for a few minutes, and then cooled down. Why? Shop bought juices are pasteurized to prolong their shelf life. This has the adverse effect of greatly reducing the level of vitamins and enzymes. Would you do this if you went to the trouble of making your own juice? 

When do I Juice?

You can integrate juice into your diet in a number of ways. Some people like to "cleanse" where they consume nothing but juice for 1 or more days. People typically cleanse monthly, quarterly or annually. Others like to drink juice to replace 1 or more meals a day. Lots of people love a juice before or after a workout or as a mid morning or afternoon healthy treat. Whatever suits you! 

Why Glass and what's eco about our approach?   

Who wants plastic bottles? From the very start we knew we wanted to offer the juice in glass bottles as it is so much better for the environment. We collect and re use empty bottles, cool bag, ice pack and we even re use the labels! Like a milk man - but juice - juice man!

It is so much nicer to drink from a glass bottle and of course there is no risk of plastic leaching!

We give our pulp to Pickeridge farm in Ardingly so its put to good use and not wasted. Their pigs love it!

We provide nuts and seeds with our cleanse packages and use small 100% compostable bags which can be simply cut and popped into compost.

How long can I keep in the fridge before drinking? 

Our fresh raw cold pressed juices should be kept in a fridge and consumed before Saturday the week of delivery.

Is anything added to the juice? 

Absolutely nothing is added or taken away. Our juices are made from 100% natural fresh raw fruit and vegetables. 

If you have any concerns about juicing then speak to your GP.