Smoothie Packs

The Best smoothies start with the best fruit.

This is ‘first pick’ fruit – the tastiest and the juiciest, fit for any fruit bowl. Most ordinary smoothies are made with ‘second pick’ fruit. Our smoothies are all about the quality of the fruit.

Freezing is hitting nature’s pause button. At peak ripeness, the fruit is harvested, cleaned and flash frozen as soon as they come in from the fields. This is how key vitamins, minerals and rich colour are locked in and taste is guaranteed. Every smoothie is free from artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives and added sugar.

How do you make a delicious ice cold smoothie?

It's as easy as 1,2,3 

1. Tear open your Smoothie pack and tip the fruit into the blender.
2. Splash in 250 ml of unsweetened juice (cloudy apple works best) or cow, soy, almond milk or water.
3. Blend for 60 seconds and enjoy a delicious nutritious ice cold smoothie!

That’s it. No waste, no ice. Just a perfect smoothie every time.

How do they compare to Plastic bottled supermarket smoothies?

Straight away there are no plastic bottles involved - a massive advantage. Secondly shop bought smoothies are pasteurised (heated to around 75 degrees celcius for a few minutes) which greatly diminishes its nutritional value. 

What's sustainable about frozen smoothie packs?

At Juice UP we try to take a sustainable approach with our products and service. As above the main benefit over ready made shop bought smoothies is no plastic bottles = a HUGE eco win.

You could make you own smoothies with fresh fresh fruit and veg and fresh is always best. 

However fresh fruit can go off quite quickly, especially berries which no doubt you will have experienced! this results in fruit being thrown away and wasted! On average, 29% of fresh fruit and vegetables purchased by households in the EU is wasted (De Laurentiis et al., 2018)

There is absolutely no waste with frozen smoothie packs and of course there is no shipping of bulky and heavy banana skins, pineapple skins and crowns,mango skins and stones etc.

We deliver in cardboard boxes made from recycled cardboard which are also recyclable.

The smoothie packs are recyclable - Please take to the larger supermarkets where they have dedicated recycling bins.